Examples of branded social media content:

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If you're a franchise or a business with multiple locations, you want to make sure that all your locations are distributing valuable and engaging content on their social channels. However, you don't have the time to oversee this, and many of your locations are falling short.

The social media content we create will be made available to all of your locations so they can use it in their own unique way - simplifying their social media time and management, eliminating your need to ensure they are adhering to brand guidelines, and providing your audiences in every location with content that is valuable and engaging to them.

This social media content will tell your story, engage your audience and drive business a very affordable way.

Every month we will provide you with a link that can be accessed by every franchisee or location manager. That file will provide access to:

  • 25 pieces of unique content every month
  • Ready-to-post content that you can copy and paste
  • Links to relevant curated article content
  • Branded images designed to engage your audience
  • Calls to action back to your website

We will also provide your team with:

  • Video tutorial on how to use Hootsuite to schedule content (this can save each location time)
  • Guide with Best Practices for Engagement and Customer Care

Content is priced based on your number of locations.

1-20 locations: $350/month
(As little as $17.50 per location)

21-50 locations: $450/month
(As little as $9 per location)

51-100 locations: $550/month
(As little as $5.50 per location)

101-250 locations: $700/month
(As little as $2.80 per location)

250-500 locations: $900/month
(As little as $1.80 per location)

501+ locations: $1500/month

If you are interested in additional monthly services, please explore all of our Wired Flare Service Packages.

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