This project will lead to the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for online communication. This plan will include strategies for using your website and social channels for communication. The project will involve research into current online performance as well as target audience behaviours. The overall outcome will be having an implemented strategic online communication plan that will deliver measurable growth with a measurable ROI. 

Here's what's included (this can be tailored to suit your needs):

  • Research, analysis and assessment of current standings
  • Set measurable growth targets with actionable steps to get there
  • Website optimization and content recommendations
  • Development of necessary policies and procedures for online communication and customer care
  • Social channel optimization
  • Local search tool optimization
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Initial branded content
  • Social media engagement strategy
  • Social lead generation strategy
  • Inbound marketing strategy for lead generation
  • System for analytics and measurement
  • Systematized process to implement the online communication strategy on an ongoing basis

Strategic setup and implementation packages are tailored to your needs.

Average investment: $6500 

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